Automotive Digital Marketing & Consulting


I will assist your dealership in achieving its goals for improving unit sales and profitability through a) identifying and lowering or eliminating digital marketing waste, and b) increasing the effectiveness of your digital and social media marketing, web, and lead-handling strategies, techniques, and execution.  

The Objectives: 1) To leverage the most cost-effective and highest ROI digital, social media, and web marketing channels and advanced techniques to drive additional quality traffic to your website(s), related channels, and showroom; 2) To provide a management coordination resource for all 3rd party Internet and digital/social media platform vendors so that duplication and wasted of expenditures are identified and managed; 3) To monitor current Internet and BDC sales effectiveness and to provide recommendations and best-practices for lead-handling and business development efforts. 

The Solution: To partner with Summit Digital 360 for “fractional” eCommerce and Internet Sales consulting services that will bring a higher level of expertise to your business for less cost than hiring a full-time person with the same level of knowledge and experience.  

Execution Strategy: As a fractional eCommerce consulting resource, I will remotely design and execute your store’s digital and social media marketing campaigns, monitor website performance, coordinate with all 3rd party vendors desired, perform marketing and website Analytics, recommend innovative but practical and proven technology partnerships, and work with you and your Team to monitor and to identify improvements in the Internet Sales and BDC departments.  

PRIMARY SERVICES OFFERED  Complete Digital, Web, Social, and Internet Sales Process Audit with findings and recommendations;  

 Increase Organic Traffic through Improved SEO and optimizing your local Google presence;  

 Manage Google My Business Page and post twice weekly;  

 Manage All Social Media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and post minimum 4 time per week and additional postings for special store or local events;  

 Manage Facebook Market Place listing;  

 Implement and Manage Facebook Dynamic Ads for Automotive to Re-Target website visitors with specific inventory viewed on website. This will yield additional, low-funnel leads at a fraction of the cost of driving additional traffic through Google Paid Search;  

 Recommend, Design, and Execute Google and Bing Adwords Paid Search Campaigns monthly;  

 Recommend, Design, and Execute promoted YouTube Videos (TrueView) through the dealership’s Adwords account;  

 Review Google Analytics twice monthly to identify trends and adjustments to marketing efforts;  

 Work with website vendor and our various platforms to implemented advanced re-targeting techniques to further increase the ROI of existing campaigns;  

 Primary coordination with website vendor to achieve higher visitor conversion rates, post specials, and to examine merchandising and price techniques to increase results;  

 Recommend, Design, and execute hyper-targeted marketing techniques on Facebook and Google;  

 Expand Google Adwords effectiveness through ad extensions and A/B ad testing, negative keywords,etc..  

 Increase number of methods allowing online visitors to convert through paid and organic presence;  

 Coordinate with all 3rd party website and digital vendors on your behalf;  

 Monitor and improve consistency of local citations and expand where there are voids;  

 Assist Management team with Internet lead handling and sales staff effectiveness;  

 Provide consulting on Business Development Center staff and process;  

 Review CRM (eLeads) for proper usage and quality of data being entered;  

 Email “blast” from CRM monthly;  

 Apprise management team of new technologies to increase traffic, sales conversion, and/or branding;  

 Analyze relevant domain name portfolio and identify possible additions to be used in digital marketing and micro and niche websites; 

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