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Automotive Dealership Executive Dilemma

You’re bombarded with new products and services to “help” you sell more cars. 

The 3rd parties urge you to upgrade and spend more in order for your vehicles to actually show up to their website visitors searching for your brand. 

Paid search and Social Media vendors are more interested in showing “clicks” than justifying their services by increasing showroom visits and sales. 

No one can tell you with any degree of certainty what part of you marketing budget is working and which things should be stopped. 

Your inbound leads and phone call processes are not optimized for conversion to in-store showroom visits. 

The OEM and the Dealer Principal are asking for higher service retention and increased profits.

IF you’re struggling with any part of the dilemma above and want to consider more effective approach for 2020, we can help. 

Our fundamental approach is to: Audit your current digital and social media spend and identify any wasted spend monthly;  Ensure you have the right access to your Google Adwords and Analytics accounts;  Breakdown the amount you’re paying to Google and the amount of commission your paid search partner is getting;  Assess the areas of missed opportunities in your local market vs. your top competitors;  Review current SEO efforts and level of performance;  Align your paid search and social media campaigns to your dealership’s strategy;  Perform an audit of your website(s) and calculate the level of optimization to convert to leads, phone calls, chats, and text messages;  Assist in determining the optimal digital and social media budget for your store and the breakdown of specific channels and priorities;  Audit and document your digital and social media assets to make sure you own and control them and not someone else;  Perform a health check on your CRM setup and usage;  Share Internet and BDC best practices for lead handling and incremental growth;  Advanced methods to drive fixed operations traffic and profits while increasing retention and the acquisition of prior service customers; What we need to get started:  1 Hour onsite initial consultation to learn specific details about your dealership’s current activities and strategies;  Read-only Access to your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts  Manager level access to your Google My Business Listing  Most current paid search and social media partner monthly/quarterly performance reports  Last month Internet and BDC performance reports showing # of leads, contact ratio, # of appointments set, # of appointments shown, and # of leads sold.  

Automotive Digital Marketing

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