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Automotive Questions We Help With:

How much should my digital and social advertising be monthly?

How can I tell if my digital and social advertising vendors are performing?

How can I tell if my Internet and BDC departments are performing?

How much should I spend on 3rd Party providers and partners?

How much should I spend on generating traffic to my website and how many leads and phone calls should I expect monthly?

How much should I spend on Paid Search monthly?

Do I need to spend money on SEO?

Should I be buying my name on Google and Bing?

How do I tell if my CRM is setup correctly and getting used properly?

What Internet and BDC pay plans should I employ to maximize results?

How should I distribute new leads to my sales team?

How should I handle incoming calls from advertising and marketing channels?

What is the best Internet process and follow up system to use at my store?

How long should I follow up on new opportunities to maximize results without over burdening my sales and BDC teams with customers unlikely to purchase in the next 3,6, or 9 months?

Should we use texting to respond and follow up with new leads?

Do you seem to sell about the same number of vehicles each month whether you increase or decrease your marketing and advertising spends?

How can I boost my Internet PVR without sacrificing volume?

How do I track and measure activities for my Internet and BDC teams to make sure they are working the highest value activities first each day?

Should I choose my website provider to also be my SEO ad SEM partner too?

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